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Moments in the Chimes of Time


Moments in the Chimes of Time is a book of thirty-seven poems and one

essay in which a black woman looks back at stages of life to review

experiences and answer questions. Her journey begins with a statement

about her inheritance, as the great grandchild of slaves. In the first section

of the book, she speaks of her childhood experiences. She recalls joyful

times when she played games with her sisters and peers on the street

where she grew up. She recalls the strength of her parents, the beauty of

family togetherness, a freaky tornado, and a favorite holiday. She also

recalls the story of a slave ancestor who was forced into concubinage and

bore a child whom she smothered. Giving still another example of personal

tragedy through bad decision making, the speaker tells the story of an old

Victorian house stuck by the railroad track, resentfully watching time

passes it by.

As the speaker moves through the

stages of her adulthood, she points to

many pitfalls that had made her wonder if

God had forsaken her. But, when she

begins to question the wisdom of God,

she has an epiphany. She finally

understands that God’s plan had always

been working in her life and had brought

her to a good place in her life which was

always filled with grace. She begins to

count her blessings, which includes over

fifty years of marriage, grown children,

and a teaching position at a university.

There are 38 poems in the book and an

autobiographical essay at the end. 



“A voice that is both confident and self-aware makes this a brave and comprehensive poetry collection. Throughout this book of poetry, the speaker is able to reflect wisely on specific events or experiences and transform them into their own unique voice, one that acknowledges the poems’ larger meanings in the present moment. Very little is spared in Ducksworth’s writing . . . There are semblances of blank verse, image poetry, and even a few haiku, all of which provide an engaging array of poetic voices. Ducksworth builds a staircase of personal reflections and experiences, none of which are excluded from the whole, and all of which fits into it.”

—Kenny Jakubas, Foreword

“. . . this collection of poetry is a personal response to the times and nature of Ducksworth’s world. With the power of her words, this woman takes us on a journey into her psyche in a manner that illuminates not only her life but all lives. These poems embrace the joy, horror, laughter and sorrow of lives deeply lived, which ultimately becomes the pact we make with the universe and/or God. In words accessible to everyone, this poet titillates, humors, and haunts. The tone and attitude of her poems seem well suited to their language.”

—Diane Elliott, US Review of Books

“Ducksworth offers a debut collection of poems contemplating her life in and apart from the world of literature. These 38 poems and one short essay represent a lifetime of wisdom from a longtime educator. In the first section, “Reflections,” the author explores childhood experiences and epiphanies. In the next section, “Reality,” the poet confronts the joys and hardships of love and lust and shows an increased interest in the timeless dialogue of literature. In the final section, “Renascence,” Ducksworth achieves striking moments of clarity regarding race and the poet’s purpose. Overall, an earnest book of introspective verse.”

—Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC 

"Reading Ducksworth’s poems, you experience a life that was filled with uneven stairs, hard to climb, broken in spots, but that continued up, so that with enough work, dedication and faith, it was possible to keep climbing to the top.”

—Barbara Rybolt, Independent Press

"Sarah Smith Ducksworth’s poetry collection . . . is about identity, perseverance, and the human spirit. . . What’s most powerful is the authenticity and confidence of the speaker’s voice and the striking figurative language that evokes a mostly bygone era in the American South. Readers nostalgic for this particular time and place and those seeking an uplifting and reflective read will land gently here.”

—Blue Ink

Poems for Lesson Plans

Hands (pdf)


Blackberry Picking (pdf)


Transient Moments (pdf)


House By The Railroad Track (pdf)


Poem At The Breakfast Table (pdf)


Discussion Questions

questions for poetry lesson_1 (docx)